Tribute to Anthony Natividad


The Pacifica Indigenous Grandmothers Council of Maui  extend our arms and our Love to Anthony’s beautiful family:  We Love You.  And we are here for you, thinking of you, sending you Love and Light…

We also acknowledge the sacred work that Anthony continues in his current realm…we were graced with his presence in this physical world, we are honored to be a part of the One that includes his presence.

What we have to share in the physical are a few pictures of his sweet attention to the Pacifica Indigenous Grandmothers conference in 2010, at the initiation of the Maui council.  He tended to young and old alike…  Please see our Facebook page for pictures.


Grandmother Kathy and Rich (Grandfather Rich) offer up their land as a place of refuge in time of great need such as the occurrence of a “natural disaster”. The nature of this land is that of a Healing Center, a Center of Light. It is located on the corner of Hohani Place and the Hana Highway, southside, or mountain side, east corner.

Grandmother  Sylvia and crew offer up Kolealea land as a place of refuge as well.  Located at 1120 Kaupakalua Road in Haiku.  Office phone: 808-572-8665.