Youth Work

Overseen by Grandmother Sylvia Cenzano.

Gearing up for the ChildShift  telecourse that will begin on Wednesday , June 22nd at 7pm-8pm and continue for 6 weeks. We will discuss ChildShift principles more in detail and begin to put them into practice as a group.  It is a one hour per week course on the phone with others who are also looking for more support with  their family skills.  If you have further questions about this or you wish to sign up contact them at 808 575-2165.   Cost: $60.00 per person for 6 weeks.  $10/class

Attending and supporting the ChildShift Family Fun Day at the Temple of Peace on Saturday, June 4, from noon to 4 p.m.  They are initiating a Youth Council as well.  See their flier here: Family Fun Day. The event was wonderfully successful, starting the workshop with an explanation of a mandala and an example of a sense of balance/imbalance, and the coloring of mandalas by the children, continuing to present activities that kept them engaged and in joy. Grandmother Sylvia’s opening blessing included the beating of a drum to consciously connect with the beating of each individual’s heart, a connection with Self, moving to connecting with each of  the circle’s individual heartbeats and combining into One, then bringing in the world’s heartbeats and reaching to connect with them all to bring into One Heartbeat in an exercise of Unity with all People’s, all Living Things. Childshift will continue their program at The Temple of Peace. Please feel free to contact them at for further events.

Managing and teaching Summer Camps for children/youth focusing on connection with Nature and nurturing sense of Self, growing food, teambuilding skills and family/community responsible living. Teachings by elders and by the children themselves. These camps were approved by the superintendent of Maui schools and the fliers were distributed to all Upcountry and Kihei schools.  After a pilot period, funding will be sought to provide scholarships to the workshop. See the flier here: Summer Camps.

Hosting an exhibit at the Ke’anae Keiki Jam Fest in reaching out to east-side/Hana community. The event will be held on Saturday, July 9th, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Ke’anae Ball Park. Attending this event with Grandmother Eliza Bassett.