Community Issues

Pacifica Indigenous Grandmothers Council of Maui

Community Input on Important Issues

Environmental issues,

·          Water quality, pollution, toxicity, pesticides, reef management, GMO’s etc.


·         Keiki, public dissemination of information, etc. 

 Land Use

·         Developments, traffic, infrastructure, etc. 

Availability of basic services,

·         local economy, food security, homelessness, affordable housing, etc. 


·         food, carrying capacity, water quantity, power, alternative energy, traditional farming methods, etc.

 Spirituality and Native Practices

·          Ancient wisdoms and prophecies, etc.  

Social Justice

·         Living wage, non-discrimination, equal opportunity, domestic violence prevention, access to government services, etc.  

‘Ohana teachings

·         including connecting keiki with kupuna, extended families, etc.

Elder/Kupuna care

 Keiki care

 Substance abuse

 Nutrition and health

 Traditional Native Medicine & Healing

E ho’olōkahi i ka pu’uwai – “Unity of the Heart”