Get Involved

  1. Attend meetings with us!  They will be held every other month on a Saturday at Kukuipuka Heiau at noon or so, right after volunteer clean-up of the Heiau grounds. Clean-up begins at 9 a.m. if you would care to join us!  It is a wonderful energy to transition into our meetings from. If you are on our contact list we will inform/remind you of these and other scheduled meetings. Next meeting on Saturday, June 11.
  2. Volunteerwe could use short-term or on-going help in researching community referral services, in keying the information to the computer, participating in events with us, in maintaining our internet silent auctions, etc.
  3. Donating – Any and all donations help greatly!  In printing material for events and for those without internet access, in paying for expenses in connection with responding to and interacting with our Community, in seeking certain professional services to increase our ability to connect with our Community, etc.
  4. Hosting a brainstorming meeting – reaching our Community is key to supporting it. Please feel free to meet and offer suggestions and active plans for reaching our Community, and for addressing any of the issues as shown in our gathered Community Issues list.
  5. Silent auction – we have on-going items to post in places like e-Bay to assist in the financial support of our Mission. Please let us know if you can offer your assistance with this.
  6. Businesses or Individuals that can donate Items or Services – Please contact us if you have items that you can donate, whether on our list below or not, all is greatly appreciated, or if you have services that you are in a position to contribute to the Community, or can offer in some capacity of fair exchange.


  • Volunteer services: healing, Kupuna visits, community gardens, Other
  • Event items – paper products, utensils, clipboards, table cloths.
  • Food.
  • Distributors of food.
  • Big laminator and sheets.

Click Here for the Mahalo for All of Your Contributions  Letter